Electronic Nose

Portable e-nose offering detection and identification of odorous substances. Due to its unique combination of various sensors, portable e-nose is able to detect and identify a very wide range of odorous substances in the odor intensity unit and also improves the substance identification capability through combined evaluation of all sensors.

Portable e-nose is equipped with gas sensors capable of simulating a human nose and the entire mental process of human classification, recognition and olfactory imprint of odorous emission.

Important features of the e-nose

  • -  Unique combination of a wide range of gas sensors
  • -  Detects in seconds all the odors
  • -  Online and offline analysis
  • -  Outdoor operation
  • -  Currently in use in food & beverage, agriculture, chemical, healthcare industries 


  • • Sensory control of raw materials, final products or packaging
  • • Sensory conformity tests during production
  • • Influence of the manufacturing process modification
  • • Organoleptic control of packaging interactions
  • • New product developmen
  • • Benchmarking of competitive products
  • • Self-life study
  • • Investigation of consumer claims
  • • Determination of best storage conditions & shelf life

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